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A bespoke programme for you.

Residential Rehabilitation

Seeking treatment for addiction is the most important first step towards recovery, residential rehabilitation is a preferred option for many.

Addiction can happen to any one of us during our lifetime, our portfolio of treatment centres have helped hundreds of people sustain long term recovery because we understand that there is no quick fix.

Whilst detox addresses the physical dependency we work with clients to help them understand the underlying causes of their addiction whilst working through their psychological and emotional health to break old ways of thinking that improve self-confidence, sense of purpose and belonging.

Residential Rehabilitation - Facing Addiction

A bespoke programme for you

Residential treatment provides the highest level of rehabilitation for clients struggling with dependency. At each of our treatment centres your programme will be bespoke to you and include access to a range of evidence-based psychological interventions to help explore your addiction and address the underlying issues.
Each day you will be given a schedule of treatment activities, appointments and services tailored to meet your specific recovery needs and goals. These along with all of our centres wide range of therapeutic and holistic modules will help you to develop healthy coping mechanisms that will enable you to sustain your recovery and begin living the life you deserve.
Through residential rehabilitation you will learn about core recovery concepts and begin practicing recovery principals within a safe and supportive environment.



When we support clients who may have experienced any level of trauma, assurance of their emotional and physical safety is first and foremost. 

Rediscover yourself in our Residential Rehabilitation.

Comprehensive care in a supportive environment awaits. Your transformation begins here.

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