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Many of our advisors have been right where you are today and have found recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you contemplating entering residential detox and/or rehabilitation?
Below, you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when exploring whether residential detox and/or rehabilitation is the next step for you on your road to recovery.
Our admission process is quick, simple and easy, when you call us you will speak directly with one of our advisors who will address all your concerns and guide you through every step to finding the right treatment for you.
Your advisor is personal to you, they will stay in contact with you and /or your family to ensure the admission runs as smoothly as possible. Often we can see you or your loved one admitted into your chosen treatment centre roughly 24/48 hours following medical assessment. The process for admission is quick and can take just a matter days.
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Frequently Asked Questions - Facing Addiction