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Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a fast acting class A drug made from morphine, part of the ‘opiate' category of drugs crossing the blood-brain barrier very quickly and enter in the brain much faster than morphine.

Injection is the most common method of taking heroin, it can produce significant psychological and physical addictions for the human body that alter the internal settings of the blood stream.

Long term health issues associated with heroin dependency can result in liver disease, seizures, heart problems and blood clots.

Heroin Addiction - Facing Addiction

Treating Heroin Addiction

We have been supporting people find recovery from heroin addiction for over a decade. All of our treatment centres are experienced in supporting you find recovery and rehabilitation from your heroin addiction and offer residential detoxification in a safe and supportive environment along with fully inclusive programmes of evidence based techniques designed to support you on your journey towards recovery.

Heroin doesn't have the final say; you do.

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