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All of our advisors have been where you are now and know exactly how you are feeling.

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We understand that finding the right treatment option for you can be incredibly daunting, our team has been helping people find lasting recovery for over a decade.
Exploring what treatment is available can feel confusing, stressful and overwhelming, our team of trained advisors will help you find the treatment centre that can best accommodate your needs.
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We know from experience that with the right support anyone can find freedom from addiction. From the very first point of contact through to admission, we are committed to taking the time to understand your needs so that you can make the best decision for you. All of our advisors have been where you are now and know exactly how you are feeling. The moment you contact Facing Addiction is the moment you can change your life. Don't wait, take the first step today. Our team are here for you every step of the way.

Both our approach to addiction and the approach of the treatment centres we work with is one of compassion and understanding. We know that addiction is not a choice and has a destructive impact on quality of life affecting you mentally, socially, physically and emotionally and in your closest relationships.

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Regardless of the type of substance you have become addicted to, help is at hand

About - Facing Addiction
Our experienced team are dedicated to supporting your first steps towards rehabilitation and recovery so that you can go on to living the life you deserve.
We understand that addiction can be the result of difficult life experiences, but also can become a problem that was once a ‘one off’ or a recreational habit that has spiralled out of control into a serious dependency. Many people have fallen into the destructive habit of prescription drug abuse following legitimate pain relief prescribed for injury or following medical procedures.
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