We do things differently

Trauma informed care, understanding your past through to your present.

Our Approach

We understand that addiction can often be the result of difficult life experience. All of the services we offer are trauma informed, from our treatment centres through to our addiction counselling therapists.
A trauma -informed approach to your care shifts the focus from “what’s wrong with you?” to “what happened to you?” so that we can understand the whole picture of the situation you are in today from your past through to your present.
Our Approach - Facing Addiction

An experienced and compassionate team

A trauma informed approach centres on the understanding that trauma can have long-lasting emotional, neurological, psychological, social, and biological effects. The treatment path is “informed” by these past experiences, with a strong sense of compassion, understanding and empathy from practitioners. For many people, experiences from childhood end up impacting psychological health even if they seem unrelated to present problems. Trauma that goes untreated will continue to hinder emotional, social, and even physical health.

Trauma-informed care is unique as it reimagines the client-therapist relationship. The therapist is not an authority figure, but instead a partner. We work alongside individuals during the recovery process, providing support throughout your journey of healing and growth..

The five guiding principals of trauma informed care are: Safety, Trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration and Empowerment. Adhering to these principles ensures our clients emotional and physical safety.



When we support clients who may have experienced any level of trauma, assurance of their emotional and physical safety is first and foremost.