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Local Service Provider- Dry House Scheme

This service provider is an independent organisation based in the heart of Coventry, and is a non-profit, charitable organisation. They offer support for those who are battling with an addiction, whether it be alcohol or substance misuse. In addition to this, the staff recognises the importance for support for a family member whilst their loved one is within this service. It is a beautiful alternative to the average dry house scheme. 

One of the many rooms available

What does this service provider offer?

This service offers a diverse program of physical activity and recovery focused groups. They provide supported accommodation in the form of a dry house, where residents are drug and/or alcohol tested regularly to support their recovery. They believe that a solid foundation for recovery is based on four cornerstones, which are the following:


Exercise can contribute massively to our general well being. The staff actively encourages those who come to them to participate in exercising. It does not matter about current capabilities, the staff team will help you right from the start. Walking for example, is a fantastic first step in creating a healthier lifestyle. 


This trusted service believes that a settled home environment is crucial for maintaining a solid recovery. Theses dry house homes on offer are safe and secure, stylish and beautifully decorated with a private comfortable living space for each resident. This service is a recovery community house and is available for residents in the Coventry area, and is just a short walk from their coffee shop and group meeting centre. 


A massive part of what helps recovering addicts is being a part of something. Building a strong recovery community is crucial to a successful recovery, this can be through introduction to mutual aid meetings (12 step fellowship), helping out in the coffee shop, and/or further education, the staff are on hand to support you with your future needs to become an active member of the recovery community. 


Purpose in life can have such a broad meaning and varies so much from person to person. In active addiction, your only purpose may have been to use drugs or drink, however detrimental it was. The staff understand the difficulty when you put alcohol or drugs down, it can feel as though your purpose has been removed because that is all that you knew and that time. 

Therefore this service aims to keep things simple, they want to give you a reason to get out of bed and have a purpose to make that day as productive as possible. Over time your purpose may change, however at first it is about getting out of bed and clean and sober and with this, the staff provide an excellent program for all residents to adhere to on a daily basis. 


This service is affordable and is both a private and community service.


If you or a loved one are battling with drugs and/or alcohol and feel that this service could be for you, please do not hesitate to contact our Team Leader Lauren on 0300 1025050 for further information on admissions and what to do next.